Pair of light blue DL/21 table lamps by Annelise & Per Linnemann-Schmidt for Palshus, 1960s


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A pair of DL/21 table lamps made by Annelise and Per Linnemann-Schmidt for Palshus in the 1960s. One piece is pale blue and the other is baby blue.

The lamps come with their original lampshade holders. The lampshades shown are for display purposes only and are not part of the offer. The indicated height is excluding the lampshade holder, which is adjustable in height.

This pair is part of a large collection of Danish chamotte (texture clay) table lamps with impressed decoration that was made by Annelise and Per Linnemann-Schmidt for Palshus Denmark.

There are several models on offer. Also available are models DL/27, DL/30, DL/35 and DL/46. The lamps are available in various shades of brown, blue, green and beige. Although some pieces in our collection are very similar, no lamp is exactly the same. There are differences in patterns, height and colours. At the end of this page you can see some other options.


  • Designer:
    Annelise & Per Linnemann-Schmidt
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model / Name:
  • Design period:
  • Country:


  • Materials:
    Chamotte (texture clay)
  • Condition:
    Very good vintage condition, the lamps come without lampshade, but with the original lampshade holders
  • Colour:
    Pale & baby blue
  • Height:
    21.5 cm / 9 inch
  • Depth:
    7 cm / 3 inch


  • Weight:
    0.8 kg / 2 lb
  • Ships from:
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Product code:
    2417025 & 2419042