PH Kontrast pendant by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, 1960s


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Poul Henningsen’s Kontrast is a PH lamp produced by Louis Poulsen. It consists of 10 shades with 4 different surfaces on each shade for maximum reproduction of the light. The bulb is in the centre and can be moved up and down by adjusting the ring around the pendant bar. With the bulb raised the light becomes bluish and when lowered towards reddish. It was precisely this ability to adjust the light’s colour contrast, which gave the lamp its name.

The construction of the lamp was very complicated and therefore also extremely expensive to manufacture. For this reason the lamp went out of production.

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  • Designer:
    Poul Henningsen
  • Manufacturer:
    Louis Poulsen
  • Model / Name:
  • Design period:
  • Country:


  • Materials:
    Lacquered Aluminium
  • Condition:
    Mint vintage condition
  • Colour:
    White, Aluminium, Red, Blue
  • Height:
    38 cm / 15 inch
  • Diameter:
    45 cm / 18 inch


  • Weight:
    3.7 kg / 9 lb
  • Ships from:
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Handling time:
    Please note that due to the size of this lamp we might need 5-10 days to prepare shipment
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